We are delighted to announce that the 2017 Ivan Juritz Prize has been awarded to

Grzegorz Stefanski for ‘restraint’, a three-channel video installation showing two men in Nazis uniforms revealing to the camera how to incapacitate civilians with bare hands.

‘restraint’ can be viewed here…


Grzegorz Stefanski, is a film and video artist who lives and works in London and Warsaw.  Born in 1983, he trained at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland and then at Mirosław Balka’s Studio of Spatial Activities at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. In 2016 he received the Felix Slade Award to undertake the MFA degree at Slade School of Art in London.

This year’s prize was judged by Lisa Appignanesi, Dexter Dalwood, Julian Forrester, Jeremy Harding, Deborah Levy and Ryan Wigglesworth.

Dexter Dalwood writes: ‘With the visual artists in particular, the judging panel were keen to shortlist artists who they saw as immersed in their practice. Grezegorz Stefański particularly stood out as someone who was deeply engaged with his work. His three channel video projection ‘restraint’ has been awarded the Ivan Juritz prize this year. It’s a video of two men in uniforms presenting to the camera how to incapacitate a civilian with their bare hands. Stefański has taken as his source a photograph by the artists Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan who from 1975-1977 selected photographs from a multitude of images  from picture archives in California. This was one of the first conceptual photographic works of the 1970’s and demonstrated that the meaning of a photograph is conditioned by the context and sequence in which it is seen. Stefański reimagines the photograph with the two men in uniform as Nazis and creates a piece of physical performance that becomes very contemporary and topical in its restaging. The panel all agreed that Stefański has developed a strong body of work that both understands the roots of modernist practice but is also fully of its time’.

Grzegorz Stefanski will receive £1000 and two weeks’ residence at Cove Park in September. Extracts or accounts from each shortlisted entry will be published in the journal Textual Practice.

The other shortlisted entries for 2017 are:

Yarli Allison

(Art MFA student, Slade School of Fine Art) ‘Momo the Talking Hair’
A film lamenting the insecure destiny of hair follicles, narrated by a hair called Momo.

Manos Charalabopoulos

(Music PhD student, King’s College London), ‘Canto’ A musical composition for violin, horn and piano, exploring song and conflict.

Sarah Hymas

(Creative Writing PhD student, University of Liverpool), ‘Recovery’
A prose poem investigating the world of a beach and its ecological shortcomings through what can and can’t be seen.

Recovery SHYMAS

Ali Lewis

(Creative Writing MA student, Goldsmiths), ‘Familiar Objects’
Poems defamiliarising ordinary objects such as Book, Popcorn, Phone, Biscuit, Shower, Sponge, Bathtub.

Familiar Objects Ivan Juritz Ali Lewis

The winner will be announced on 20 June and will receive £1000 and two weeks artist’s residency and a showcase at Cove Park, Scotland’s International Artist Residency Centre.

This year’s prize was judged by Lisa Appignanesi, Dexter Dalwood, Julian Forrester, Jeremy Harding, Deborah Levy and Ryan Wigglesworth.

Lisa Appignanesi writes: ‘The Ivan Juritz Prize received a record number of entries this year. These impressed with their daring and often their skill, whether textual, visual or musical. Here was a group of talented young artists wanting to experiment and challenge the imagination – just the people the prize was set up to support.’

Extracts or accounts from each entry will be published in the journal Textual Practice and where appropriate the works will be exhibited or performed at our awards ceremony on 20 June.