Ivan Juritz Prize Shortlist 2019

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the Ivan Juritz Prize 2019.

With a huge increase in entries this year, most of an extremely high standard, the judges’ decision was particularly difficult. We are very proud of the shortlist and excited that winners from all three categories will go to Cove Park in September to collaborate on making a new work of art.



Kathryn Maris, PhD student, Goldsmiths.

The House of Atreus and other poems

In the House of Atreus sequence, Maris reworks the story of Clytemnestra and her family, using found text, syllabics and ideas derived from Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein. Depicting conflicts within the self as well as the confusion and cruelty of modern life, these poems rise and fall between the heroic and the bathetic, synthesising influences from Gertrude Stein, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams and Marianne Moore.

Read the text here

Helen Charman, PhD English Literature, Trinity Hall Cambridge.

Daddy Poem

A spirited response to institutional sexual harassment and gendered power imbalances, this is a long poem in dialogue with the great long poems of the modernist era, sharing their interest in mixing high and low registers and in allowing multiple readings and interpretations.

Read the poem here.


Sound and Music

Manos Charalabopoulos, PhD Music research, King’s College London

Two Poems

One imagined and one actual poem (Alan Shapiro’s Everything the Traffic will Allow) have had their words removed and their music given to the instrumental voice of the cello. These instrumental voices and recitations, be they projected or introspective, engage with a hyperrealist aesthetic, where instrument becomes voice and word becomes music, at once abstracted and enlarged.

Listen here

Lewis Coenen-Rowe, PhD, King’s College London

The Storm

The Storm is a short chamber opera that adapts Kate Chopin’s 1898 short story of the same name. In the story, Chopin juxtaposes the external objective world of the storm and the internal subjective world of the characters. Coenen-Rowe responds to this by combining music that actively reflects the characters’ psychology with music that’s deliberately un-expressive, and by using musical structures that avoid fulfilling expected resolutions.

View the film here.


Visual Arts

Claire Michel, MFA, Wimbledon College of Arts


This short film shows Claire Michel dismantling the peculiar collection of objects arrayed on the ceiling of her recently deceased father’s bedroom. The footage, stripped of emotion by being speeded up, contrasts with the lyrical tone of the narration, in which Michel recalls painful details from her father’s life and her own childhood.

View the film here

Sam Schmitt, MFA, Goldsmiths


A provocative but appropriately organic response to climate change, ShadeShelter’s images are of the aftermath of hurricanes, never of the hurricane itself. The installation contrasts images of detritus with the calm complacency of ambient music and atmospheric sounds from the cold of winter.